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Wedding Trial Informarion

Your Wedding Trial:

Arranging a trial is recommended ahead of your wedding to help decide on your desired look.

The trial is just that – a time to trial different looks so we can find a look you love on your special day. The aim is to achieve a look you are comfortable with, so honesty is a must. I can achieve any look you desire, so please don’t be afraid to ask for changes – I tend to start with a simple look and build with guidance from you of what you like and don’t like.

Preferably the trial should be an event on it’s own and not for a night out or another event. The reason for this is, is it allows us to experiment with different looks and styles. For example, people often people leave with two different eye looks to see which they prefer.

Other members of the wedding party are also very welcome book a trial appointment.


If you are looking for ideas I have an extensive Pintrest page at with dedicated hair and makeup boards to help you.

We can also discuss any themes and colour schemes etc to help you decide on your final look.

Makeup Trial:

- As an experienced makeup artist, beauty therapist and HD Brow specialist, I can help advise you on all aspects of skincare, eyebrow shaping, lash tinting, lash lifting, nails suitable beauty treatments ahead of your big day. Please ask for details.

- Attend your trial makeup free, but with an image of your everyday makeup and a makeup look of yourself at an event if possible. This will allow me to see your individual style. 

- Bring a few images of the kind of looks you would like for your day that you may have spotted in magazines or on the internet (pinterest etc). Please try and have a clear idea of what it is you like about the looks you have selected - eyeliner style, lip colour etc. and what it is you would like on the day. I can of course offer suggestions and guidance as to looks you will suit.

- Wear white: or the colour you will be wearing on your wedding day to get an accurate preview of your wedding makeup. Flash photography images at the trial stage are also a good idea. This is something I will do as a matter of record.

- Just a suggestion - think classic: Don't go for an overly trendy or catwalk inspired look, if you don't want your photographs to date. A timeless and classically beautiful look can translate better over the years.


- Look Like You: Think about what make-up you normally wear. The best bridal make-up is an even more beautiful, polished version of you.

Hair Trial:

- On attending your hair trial your hair should be washed that morning or the day before. Shampoo twice and make sure not to over-condition. Please do NOT use straightening irons. Hair will not stay in place or hold in the style if the hair has been straightened.

- Have an images of the sort of look you would like for the day, considering all angles – front, sides and back.

 - If you have clip in extensions, they should be mentioned ahead of the trial. Make sure they are washed and tug free so they can easily be applied to the hair. Your hair extensions should be ready to clip into the hair. Sewing/trimming extensions etc. is not included in a hair up trial. When buying hair extensions I recommend Crown Couture in Edinburgh. Call ahead to book a consultation with them.

- Please bring any accessories (veil if possible, tiara, clips etc) that you will be wearing on the day with you to your trial.

-  If you are wearing flowers, please select flat, waxy flowers that aren’t too heavy and don’t wilt too quickly. If in doubt please ask your florist for advice.


I usually recommend booking at trial anywhere from 6 months to 6 weeks ahead of your wedding date. Of course, if this is not possible I can work to your preferred schedule.

Trials last around 1hr 30mins for each individual service depending on how long it takes to achieve your desired look. Any longer, an additional charge of £10 per 30minutes will be required. You are also welcome to book in for repeat trials to try different looks for an additional cost.

It is often difficult due to wedding bookings to be able to schedule trials at weekends. I can advise you on availability on request.  Weekdays are best due to a busy weekend schedule.

Trial Location:

Trials generally take place in my dedicated hair and makeup room in my flat in central Edinburgh or my parents hair and beauty salon in Newport-on-Tay. Here the conditions are perfectly set up for hair and makeup trials with mirrors, lighting etc. If this not convienient I can tailor a different price plan for a location trial.

Guests are welcome to attend. In the salon there is a big reception area for guests to comfortably sit. If at my flat they are welcome to sit in my living room. Please keep numbers to within a reasonable number if that’s ok. Many thanks.


Makeup – the price is £70 per person for up to 90mins and £10 per 30mins thereafter (includes strip lashes, cluster lashes and airbrush foundation if desired).

Hair - can vary depending on the style desired or if you would like to trial a number of styles.  Generally the price will be £70 for up to 90mins and £10 per 30mins thereafter.

Further trials are welcomed if you would like to trial a variety of different looks.

If requested I can undertake a consolation with other members of the bridal party via Facetime or email for an additional fee if they have concerns about their look on the day and don't wish to attend a trial,


Payment for trial appointments is non-refundable as you are paying for time and a service and should be paid on the day of the trial before departing.

Any further questions you may have please contact me at